Platonic Games
Based in Madrid, Spain

Founding date:
February, 2015


Press / Business contact:


SAVE Animal Hero
Sailor Cats
Puddi Jump
Happy Hop
Sweet Sins


Founded in 2015 and currently settled in Madrid, Spain, Platonic Games is a mobile developer formed by two lifelong video game enthusiasts, Valeria @Noval33t Castro and Álvaro @Rugnor Gutiérrez. They teamed up to accomplish a simple dream, to fill the world with awesome little cute kawaii games!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ.


About Valeria (written by Álvaro)

Valeria is kind of a super-mind: she is aware of everything that has happened, happens and will happen.
Her brain races through the endless aspects of game development, considering everything about, well, everything!
She always has new ideas, goals and plans for game design, art, food, programming, food, marketing, management, mechanics, food...

There's three things to know and remember about Valeria:
- If you happen to work with her, you will forget how to work without her.
- She's got thousands of awesome ideas for projects of all sizes, so keep her in sight.
- If game making was a game itself, she would be the champion. Period.
Bonus: - Don't forget about the food.

About Álvaro (written by Valeria)

Álvaro is a walking videogame encyclopedia. His love and knowledge about games go beyond all human and alien comprehension.

He's a little weirdo, though. He's afraid of driving, but not of cockroaches. Hello logic?
And he irons his socks... Yup. Even in summer. WTF dude.

Despite his young age he's an awesome developer and an amazing person. Actually, he's so f***ing nice, he makes me feel like an ogre most of the time. Btw, thanks for that. Bastard.
Ah, of course, he never says bad words. Like, NEVER.
People really love working with him cause he's a born leader.

In terms of making games, he's the MVP :)
(In terms of being in time for an extremely important meeting, he's not ¬¬').

Also he usually brings me food, which is nice.





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