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April 24th, 2018

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Sailor Cats is the cutest fish-and-grow one tap collecting game!

In Sailor Cats you’ll have to fish in order to get enough materials to build bigger and better ships, and in the way you’ll rescue cute cats that will join your fleet, collect rare treasures and discover a-meow-zing new worlds full of crazy creatures and paw-some costumes!

There are also tons of nerdy relics - inspired by historic items - with a fun description and a link to the Wikipedia, for all the curious cats out there!

So if you want to play a relaxing but super fun adventure (and cute) game, you will definitely enjoy playing Sailor Cats!


  • Easy to play - intuitive one-tap controls!
  • Great for kids, moms, grannies, crazy cat ladies and cool dudes alike!
  • 8 different scenarios and boats to upgrade.
  • 150 costumes to dress your cats!
  • 200 nerdy relics inspired by historic objects with a link to Wikipedia
  • Unique and stunning cute kawaii graphic style


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About Platonic Games

Founded in 2015 and currently settled in Madrid, Spain, Platonic Games is a mobile developer formed by two lifelong video game enthusiasts, Valeria @Noval33t Castro and Álvaro @Rugnor Gutiérrez. They teamed up to accomplish a simple dream, to fill the world with awesome little cute kawaii games!! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ.

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