Platonic Games
Based in Madrid, Spain

Release date:
20th April, 2015

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Help seven deadly sins escape from Hell in this singular addictive cute’em up. Lead Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride on their way through redemption!

Don’t be fooled by the utterly adorable kawaii art style, Sweet Sins is an endless runner like you have never seen: it’s fast, it’s challenging, it’s evil and yup, it’s also extremely cute. If you’re looking for an old school arcade challenge, your search ends right here.

You can download Sweet Sins: Kawaii Adventure for free now on Google Play and App Store.

# As a common japanese expression says: kawaii desu ne ~~


  • Simple and intuitive swipe controls
  • New character! Luci, Queen of the Underworld, joins the adventure!
  • More than 40 Miimos pets available. Gotta catch them all!
  • Fly through amazing landscapes inspired by Dante’s Inferno - Divine Comedy
  • Character editor to customize your heroes.
  • Unique and stunning kawaii graphic style.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner: Indie Burguer Chartboost's Special Prize" Gamelab Barcelona, 26 June, 2015
  • "Finalist: Gamelab Award for Best Student Game" Gamelab Barcelona, 25 June, 2015


  • "If you crave something fast paced that can be played in short bursts, but will keep you hooked for hours then look no further than Sweet Sins."
    - GameRamble, gameramble.com
  • "If I could physically eat your game, I would! (intended a a compliment) :D"
    - @schofey27 , Twitter
  • "This is my absolutely favorite game in the history of ever."
    - Kristen Crabb, Google Play
  • "I think Sweet Sins is a lot of fun and gives the player a lot more control than your typical endless game. I love being able to attack enemies and objects!"
    - Brandon Girod, http://app4smart.com

About Platonic Games

Founded in 2015 and currently settled in Madrid, Spain, Platonic Games is a novel developer formed by two lifelong video game enthusiasts, Valeria @Noval33t Castro and Álvaro @Rugnor Gutiérrez, particularly experienced in mobile games development. Fed up of developing advergaming sport games for a big company, they decided to start up their own studio, with a very precise goal: to make keep-it-simple polished games, all of them different from each other and from what they had seen and done before.

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Sweet Sins Credits

Valeria Castro
Development, Platonic Games

Álvaro Gutiérrez
Development, Platonic Games

Squid & Pig
Art, Freelancers

Ruben Rincon
Audio, Freelancer

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